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Purfurred Hemp Oil for Cats

Purfurred hemp oil for cats is an all-natural, calming pet supplement containing 200 milligrams of CBD derived from hemp oil.

Purfurred Hemp Oil for Dogs

Purfurred CBD for Dogs Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil is an all-natural pet supplement formulated with a base oil chosen specifically for your feline friend.  This full-spectrum hemp oil from Purfurred has been specially formulated for your four-legged friend’s diet. Packed with phytocannabinoids, each bottle contains 200 mg of soothing CBD.  

SATIVA Hemp Body Wash

SATIVA Hemp Hand & Body Wash is a gentle, non-drying, non-toxic and anti-bacterial cleanser. Cleanse by SATIVA is a joy to use as both a hand and body wash. The pure extracts and essential oil-infused formula leaves you feeling invigorated with its fresh, citrus scent. And its 100% vegan ingredients are carbon neutral and cruelty-free—never derived from animal products or tested on animals.

SATIVA Hemp Hair Conditioner

SATIVA Organic Hemp Conditioner is infused with Energizing Green Tea, Lemon Myrtle and Guayusa combine in this luxe conditioner to improve comb-through and prevent tangles while energizing and nourishing the scalp. Restore smooths the hair shaft, easing your after-shower comb-through, and Pracaxi Oil provides long-lasting sheen and moisture protection to keep your hair looking radiant all day and night.

SATIVA Hemp Lip Balm

Hemp Lip Balm from SATIVA™ delivers soothing protection to your lips with the deep-penetrating moisture of Hemp Seed Oil.

SATIVA Hemp Moisturizer

Sativa Hemp Moisturizer is specially formulated to complement our Rejuvenate Serum. Replenish gives the skin’s appearance an instant lift and prevents the evaporative loss of bioactives, ensuring time for the deeper layers of skin cells to fully absorb and benefit from the fusion of nutrients contained in these two powerful products.

SATIVA Hemp Organic Shampoo

SATIVA™ Hemp Shampoo includes Sapindus Berry from India, Amazonian Copaiba Oil, and Fulvic Minerals combine in this effective formula that nourishes, cleanses, and purifies the hair, prepping it for conditioning. Guayusa, cellular extracts of Green Tea, and Lemon Myrtle provide procyanidins, water-soluble caffeine, and a host of powerful antioxidants to energize the scalp and promote hair growth.

SATIVA Spirit and Bliss Hemp Deodorant

Spirit and Bliss Hemp Deodorants by SATIVA™ are a safe, non-toxic way to feel fresh and clean all day. These deodorants are aluminum-free and lightly-scented with natural extracts and essential oils. Antibacterial formulas control odor for a pleasant scent that lasts all day

Soothe Nano CBD gummies

Start your day the right way with Soothe's fast absorbing Nano-CBD gummies. Each piece offers 10mg of Nano CBD along with terpenes, B12 Vitamins, and electrolytes.

Soothe Nano Recovery Mix Powder

The Recovery Mix Powder (THC Free) is great for any athlete. Feel great during and after your workouts by adding the powder to any shake, smoothie, or beverage.  

Soothe Nano Relief Lotion

Nano Relief topical lotion is infused with 1100mg of Nano Amplified Isolate CBD. It is the highest strength product we carry loaded with amazing ingredients.  

Stillwater Beverages

Stillwater Beverages combine the highest-quality organic teas and Colombian coffee with a healthy dose of Ripple CBD 20:1. The light touch of fast-acting, water-soluble CBD is designed to relax, not intoxicate.