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My personal story: An enhanced quality of Life

Chemo & Cancer: My personal story about an enhanced quality of Life.

This is a post that I never thought I would write.

A post about my family and CBD–as in hemp. Seriously.

Well, I’m writing this.

CBD, CBD oil, medical marijuana, and hemp oil have all been in the news a lot recently.

And it’s all created quite a stir. People have been touting the beneficial effects of the hemp and marijuana plants (they are 2 different things), but I remained fairly skeptical. I mean, I really love this Vegan Ranch Dressing that’s loaded with hemp seeds, but this?

I saw articles about people feeling better while using marijuana for medicinal purposes, and I would hesitatingly think I supported this kind of use, but something always held me back.

Well, I’m glad that “something” budged.

We havenslee’t used medical marijuana, but we did end up using a CBD-rich hemp oil, and it has literally changed our lives.

A number of months ago, I became aware of a company that was selling CBD oil. I showed my husband the information and he said, “Get it.”

He had just seen an article by a conservative author who had been a former skeptic turned “believer” when she tried medical marijuana on her child.

So, I got it.

Long story short, I started doing research and was pretty excited about what I found, but I kept digging and digging and of course wanted to try it on my family before saying anything to my readers.

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